Breakfast in Denver

An update for those who care.

Our travels took us to Ghetto ass Des Moines

Hiding in Des Moines, Foxxy was scared of all the crazies.

On our way out of Iowa, Foxxy begged me to take this photo..

Too bad its sort of icky lookin, otherwise this would have been a very lovely picture.

Now a Few hours Later we made it Omaha Nebraska…

A little light Reading, Foxxy enjoyed the political charicatures.

A good 9ish hours later We finally made It to DENVER Colorado, where we are currently suffering through a SIX HOUR layover. This is how we decided to spend our time.

First a healthy breakfast of Water, Gluten Free Pretzels, and Nutella 
Six hour layovers are for Wushu.
Updating our Blogs

And of course, For Foxxy’s expert traveling TIP:

Freeze Giant water bottles and use them to refill a smaller water bottle as they melt. You will stay hydrated, save money, and can change the flavor of the water everytime if you want to. and it will constantly be cooold. this bottle has officially lasted over 24 hrs melting.  I had two, the first was already 3/4 melted cuz I didn’t refreeze it after my Debacle on Sunday ( I finally lost my small bottle somewhere so I’m drinking from this one, but it worked while it lasted). 

Where have you been recently? How did you get there? Where are you going next?
TIll our next update!

Stay Beautiful!

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