A queen’s apology..

I know that an apology no matter how earnest will help,

Yet here I kneel before you, begging at your feet.

Beseeching you find it in your heart to forgive me.

For a grave sin I’ ve commited.

You may not know it yet…

I’ve broken my word.

An honest woman’s integrity tarnished.

And I can only say that I am sorry.

I can’t be the woman you want or need.

I can only be me.


I’m severing ties

And wishing you well…

I should walk now, I should rise..

I should turn away and never cross your path again…

What is stopping me?

Is it my heart screaming,

Or my soul shattering?

Both noises asunder…

I’m the departing

And yet, my chest feels as if its been stabbed a million times, with a hot, poison laden knife.

So please, please….

If you cannot forgive me,

find a reason each day,

To smile.

The pain is intolerable,

I may never heal,

But you, my king,

You will.

I will disappear now,

Into the darkness.

And watch over you from afar, watch as you find your new queen, watch as your trees bear fruit. AS YOU LIVE HAPPILY.

From the shadows I will watch my dear king… As your new queen, gives you the life I am unable.

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