Friday Fictioneers: Mermaids


Friday FIctioneers is a bite sized photo prompt story. rules are simple, in 100 words or less write a glorious piece of fiction, give and recip, and enjoy. Hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff. To participate or read more, normally you can click the cute little froggy but I have no idea where he went but you can always Visit Rochelle’s blog to find them 😀 (sorry sorry)

Word count: 100

“Land Ahead!” Cried the sailor.

“Ahoy!” The captain shouted to the maiden on the rock as they approach the island.

“Where exactly are we, miss?” Captain asked.

“Where sky meets sea, land meets water,  and the day meets the night. Only here, Good sir.”  The maiden Replied as she grabbed their hands.

Captain and Sailor Exchanged confused looks as she spoke.

As she uttered the last few words their water ship had turned into an air boat,  “Enjoy your stay boys” She and three waltzed to airship and flew off

“DAMN BERMUDA MERMAIDS” They were stuck in the triangle.



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