Replacing Teddy… (18+)

I wanted to share with the world this story. It may or may not be slightly embellished for dramatic effect and amusement. It does have some adult content so beware!

I lead a super annoyingly busy life most of the time as some may know from previous blog posts and my extended absences from blogging.

To break it down.

I am a full time student, I have two jobs that consume my life, a small side business and I do some freelance writing when I can.

And I somehow have to fit my friends, boyfriend and family into all of this.

Needless to say there aren’t enough seconds in a day.

Yesterday, I went to both jobs, and two classes. That was about 18 hours of my day. I then video chatted with my boyfriend who is currently out of town. While trying to get some homework done. I managed to do that and get my Friday Fictioneer for this week (the first of this summer I believe) done.

Well now we are at hour 23.5 BF had to go, and had given me some more homework (the fun kind).

So I went to take my shower and do my home work for him. I will let your imagination go on this one but it was very VERY steamy. *wink wink*

Well, being myself, knowing how those pictures would effect him later, made me feel as If I were burning from the inside out. I decided to take it upon myself for a little emergency self love. And of course I would send details to BF…

I grabbed Shadow (yeah I named my vibrator- it’s from Adam and Eve’s 50 shades line… mmmm… delicious) and got my self and shadow ready for a few minutes of play time…

I sat on my bed, and laid down. As soon as I did my body melted into the bed and I was out. Sleeping like the dead. Since today is my “weekend” (no work or school. Just side business stuff) I was able to sleep longer than the normal half hour. I slept til noon.

When I woke… I was cuddled up to my vibrator. As if it were Teddy.

Teddy was on the floor looking dejected for having been rejected.

I am sorry Teddy, but you have been replaced

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