Dear Readers ♡

I know I promised you a weeks worth of content. And I failed.

I wish to alologize. Fromthe bottom of my blackened soul ^~^

My laptop fried, And i just now got it replaced, I can priduce short posts from my phone, but the longer ones I just simply can’t. But now that scholl has started up again I will have time to brings you more content, including my money saving strategies I sort of bailed on for a spell.

I will also be working on finishing up 2 of my mini- series: Frozen Lemonade and The Sorcer.

Of course it the most glorious time of the year- all the best holidays.

I have some special content planned for the holidays.

Human interaction:

1. what kind of content would you like to see here? More of? Less of?

2. The first five people to EMAIL me (by October 15th) with a topic they’d like me to write about I will honor by Christmas. (Whether it’s a mini series, song to story saturday, personal finance questions, just one story anything as long as its actully do able)

3. Would you pay to have a story written specifically for you?

I’ve been looking into this and i think it could be interesting.

4. What are you doing for All Hallows Eve? ^~^

Respond in comments &/or email!

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