The Legend….

The Legend of Sin, Queen of Demons:

It is said that Sin, appears to humans, as another typical human. With human needs and desires, love, sex, fun, comfort, sustenance, interaction of a social nature.  It is also said that no one really know’s what she truly looks like. Most think, that she must be pretty, but since she wears a mask for public appearances, many think she must be some disfigured ugly looking thing.  Only those closest to her know what she looks like, and they are fired, literally, if they let slip what her true appearance is.

Legend also states that Sin, queen of demons, is married to Satan himself. Her voice slightly melodic, but because she is shy she doesn’t use it publicly often.

Which is why she created the legendary diary “The Diary of Sin” she needed a way to speak to those who may need or want to hear what she has to say.  It is said this diary is a public form of bloggery that allows her to connect with others in way that she otherwise cannot.

Her hope in creating it was to touch at least one being, be it demon, human or otherwise.

It is said that there is a lot to read in this diary, sexy things, happy things, sad things, food things, advice things, public service announcy things… Something for everyone.

It even comes with ” Parental Advisory” and some posts are deemed 18+ and marked thusly.  An adventurer passing through hell found a page from this diary, it reads:

“Warning: Things herein are potentially offensive or inappropriate to some audiences, parents strongly cautioned, I touch on many topics. If an entry is meant for audiences whom are adults I will mark it ~18+~,  please read all content with caution, if you are under 18, please have your parents or gaurdians screen the entry first. 

You can summon me via the summon page, it has the proper incantation, you can ask, complain, comment, or give prompts there. I also will follow back if you follow me.

Lots of love


Only you can decide how much of this legend is true, if you are lucky enough to meet Sin in person, well, hopefully she is as caring, and loveable as many other legends state.

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