The Sorcerer (1) ~*18+*~

I pulled my boots back up to my thighs, and zipped them up, pulled up my skirt just a bit, and tightened my corset string. I picked up my cell phone and put it in the special pocket in my corset, the pocket also houses a tube of lipgloss, and occasionally a tampon. Is the... Continue Reading →

Frozen Lemonade (2) ~*18*~

Kelli, and I continued our Gypsy life. We started in the southern states from California, the plan was to hit all 48 of them by next summer, and with the permits, our parents had gotten us it was perfect. The Truck was actually a huge hit.  Especially in summer months, we made over 1,000 most... Continue Reading →

Frozen Lemonade-Part 1.~18+~

Kelli and I met in Kindergarten, she was a patient in the ward that my mom worked in, Children's cancer. When they were little, my aunt Linny had cancer, and had died when she was 10, my mother was only 5, and my grandpa later committed suicide, he felt he was failing as a father,... Continue Reading →


It started like any other night- Dinner, an in-depth exchange of how our day went. Our phone swap. A nightly phone call to check in on my sister, as we cleaned up dinner. "Girl, I want you ready in 10 minutes!" "Yes, master" I bounced off to quickly put on my uniform. A black corset... Continue Reading →

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