You have four lives, are you living this one happily?

~Disclaimer: I am in no way saying you should believe anything contained herein, I am simply giving you  food for thought.~   One warm mid-day, middle of Nowhere, Oregon. On the cusp of April's waning, and May's waxing moons. While the other kids were chasing cattle and wrestling, undoubtedly in cow pies, I was in... Continue Reading →


Under Construction.

To my fellow demons, sinners, readers, and passer-bys. First of all, thank you so much for following my blog, and being there through the processes, the encouragement, and the compliments, I cherish my time with you all, and try to reply to everyone when possible, Please know if I don't get to your comment, It... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: You!

If you are reading this, then you can bet your cute lil booty this post is about You! I am thankful for You, for taking the time out of your day to read my diary. Chances are you are a repeat reader, and that is lovely. On the chance you are new WELCOME TO MY... Continue Reading →

Tantalizing Tuesday: Cola Tea…

It's that time of year again, the one where everyone gets sick AF for at least 3 months, I should have posted this around the first snowfall~ at least. but I didn't, shame on me. I failed already, I was supposed to post this yesterday, but got disctracted by anime XD ooops.   Anyway, Here goes...... Continue Reading →


Because I am sooo good at keeping them. Some are the same ones I've had since August~ HEHE well here goes: Lose 60 Lbs. In all honesty, I don't know that losing that much will happen, but hey I lost 30 in 4 months so I mean if I work hard enough it could happen. IT... Continue Reading →

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