I was in a car all day today... Traveling from the coast to the dessert..... It is a very long but very pretty drive.    Never Stop here unless you have 4 friends ( at least) or a death wish. THE.HILLS.HAVE.EYES. Because the cloud looks like a freakin' dolphin! ( I found Snowflake!!!) But it's... Continue Reading →

FruktSuppe ( Fruit Soup)

AHH this is a lovely, and very easy to make recipe, I Tweaked it to my liking, but I will add notes where I gypped tradition. I made this ONE TIME with my mamaw, I don't think she'd ever made it before, In fact I do believe she told me "This is the first time... Continue Reading →

Swedish Pancakes.

I was going to save this for "Swedish Pancake Saturday" as per family tradition, but it is 1: 30 am, on a Thursday morning and I was reallllly craving these. SO I figured I'd Give a light tutorial! Swedish Pancakes... NOT  to be confused with a crepe or those super fluffy "real" pancakes.Nah, while made... Continue Reading →


Anya and Lance had been friends for a couple years now. Finally Lance asked her to take the next step in life. He wanted to date her. Anya had seen how Lance is with his girlfriends. The perfect gentleman, opening doors, pulling her seat out, covering puddles with his jacket, catching them before they fell,... Continue Reading →

Dear Daddy.

  The year was 2013, It was summer, I was a 21 year old young lady, studying abroad in Italy... It was beautiful. I got to see all of the stereotypical tourist attractions, The leaning tower of Pisa, the coliseum... I also traveled to every single city over that amazing summer. To many different vineyards sampling some of... Continue Reading →

A Plea to the Light….

Do you ever think about someone, Someone other than yourself? Do you ever consider them, How they may be feeling? What if I told you something, Something I have never told anyone? What if I told you that it is so completely fucked up, So dark, so shitty, that I couldn't tell anyone? Would you... Continue Reading →

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