Friday Fictioneers: Aidyn’s Light (12/15)

An InLinkz Link-up This was based on a dream I had  just a couple nights ago, Why I had a dream about a couple of kids in the foster system I honestly couldn't tell you, but it fits with the photo prompt. ~I think I want to explore their story further...~ Word Count: 100 Aidyn's Light~... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: Lost in Winter

* Holy eff it's already friday, I didn't realize it until just now. at 8:30 pm.. Hope you enjoy.* **If you would like to participate, or read others, Click the cute little froggy** Word Count: 100 Miles and miles, we drove. We had packed our car, we were gone. Days and days, we talked. We discussed... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: The Great Escape.

PHOTO PROMPT © What’s His Name ( Thank you!)   Disclaimer: This is my first Friday Fictioneer, I think I did it right, if not, I do so apologize! ^,^ Word Count: 100 Genre: Fiction A stormy night in the midst of the war between human, machine, and human. Running~ Known as peace chasers, taking no sides,... Continue Reading →

Theme of Day

I have decided it would be fun to start themed posts. I don't know why but its there and it's a thing, now.  Monday - Money matters ~ tips, tricks and other random money related things. Tuesday- Tempting Tuesday~ FOOOOODDDD, and drinks. I will post a recipe every Friday.  good thing I have a couple days... Continue Reading →

Wrap Goddess…

I have always prided my self on my exceptional wrapping skills. I have MAD SKILLS BRO. NO.. really. I can wrap almost anything, I have not met an item I could not wrap. Of course I have never tried to wrap a car or a boat... Today is my little brothers birthday... He turns 15... Continue Reading →


100 likes?! Thank you all so much 😀 I know its like... only 100.. but its still a milestone. ANd i appreciate all of the likes and views and follows. I Hope you all have an absolutely lovely day! ♥ Sin  

Walker Races.

Yes, walker races... Exactly what it sounds like... You may recall that I work at a memory care facility, Starlight Village. I want to give some insight, because I know not everyone knows the pain of having a loved one in a place like mine, and I honestly pray you never do, I hope for... Continue Reading →

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