Friday Fictioneers: Survival Against The Machines

PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook Friday Fictioneers is a bite sized writing challenge hosted by the beautiful and talented Rochelle, the goal is to write a complete story in under 100words, if you would like to read more or contribute to the epic madness, click the cute little frog Word Count: 98 It's been 10... Continue Reading →


Thankful Thursday: “Family”

I have my bio family... and I have my "family"... My "family" is small and comprised of only a few people. My best friend/sister, my ex, and a couple if his friends, and tei of yhe girl friends...and 3 tiny humans, 4 if you count the tiny human I baby sit. We are A tight... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: Cobwebs~

Photo prompt courtesy  of © Victor and Sarah Potter To read more or add your own click the cute froggy: Word count: 100 Jim and Nancy had just come home, from six months vacation traveling all over easy Asia, a gift from their lovely grown children. Nancy took one look around their home, dust had... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: You!

If you are reading this, then you can bet your cute lil booty this post is about You! I am thankful for You, for taking the time out of your day to read my diary. Chances are you are a repeat reader, and that is lovely. On the chance you are new WELCOME TO MY... Continue Reading →

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