A Decade, A Recurring Nightmare

Anyone who knows me, knows that nightmares are nothing new for me, and sometimes I even take solace in them. Sometimes, the guilt of your past haunts you forever, and even if consciously you have forgiven yourself, subconsciously you may not have, and it causes you have night mares. For me, the few days, and... Continue Reading →

Thankful Thursday: School

This week I am thankful for School. it is giving me an escape from all of the things that are dragging me further down. like a small light in a sufficatingly pure, ominous, black abyss. Things that if I didn't have a distraction, might actually kill me. Good night everyone ♡ WHAT are YOU THANKFUL... Continue Reading →

Let me Waifu, Please.

I've gotten to the point in my life where I've basically given up on relationships. The kind with love, and romance. But I still want to nurture someone. I still wish to Submit. I still yearn to cook and clean for some one, Take care of them when they fall Ill. I still want to... Continue Reading →


Sort of... I would Like to give a big shout out to the fathers out there doing your job as a father, Kufuckindos... Not all fathers do. Single, married, dating, baby daddy, you are doing the right things... Just remember to hug your children extra tight, every day, read them the stupid stories, watch cars... Continue Reading →

Staring contest with a Stranger

As you all know, I am traveling,Currently In Fort Collins, Colorado... Just got out of Wyoming, I am not a fan of this particular state... but there are some lovely views in some areas. Like this one...The boys are discovering new things..And one of my fellow bus dwellers, is dressed nicely...But hes also wearing fuzzy... Continue Reading →

Traveling (Thankful Thursday)

Today I am thankful the chance to travel, the staving of my poor gypsy soul for a while. I am moving across the country, via greyhound. This is probably, a lovely time to catch up on some of my mini series, and other random projects stuck in my draft box. My travel buddies ♡ Ducky,... Continue Reading →

Sizzlin’ Saturdays…

ONE of these days actually post on a Saturday 😛 1. Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you. Eh. Personally, anything but actual skin on skin does nothing for me. Unless its for foreplay, then it can be fun, the most toys do for me is feel good, but i could... Continue Reading →

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