Frozen Lemonade (5)~*18+*~

Our favorite ladies are back finally.. It was about 3 am when we returned home. I called for Zara, but she didn't answer.. Was she asleep? "Zarrrraaa doll, I'm home! Zara?" I opened her door, she wasn't in her room. So I checked mine, as I have often found her sleeping in my bed. If... Continue Reading →

DANGEROUS LOVE (2) ~*18+*~

WARNING: This story is completely taboo, upon clicking "read more" you agree to jump down the rabbit hole. Enjoy. ♥ Our medium sized, 3 bed 2 bath apartment is decorated to the max with Christmas decorations, lights, mistletoe, a small nativity scene made of little hand-carved figures our mommy had made when we were little.... Continue Reading →

Sin’s Writing Process… Q&A

I see these Questions a lot in my email box, I have decided to answer them in bulk! Enjoy, hopefully, my answers suffice. There is a total of 13 Questions & Answers. Question: What is your Writing Process? Answer: I am not sure how exactly how to answer this one, as I don't exactly have... Continue Reading →

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