Thankful Thursday: “Family”

I have my bio family... and I have my "family"... My "family" is small and comprised of only a few people. My best friend/sister, my ex, and a couple if his friends, and tei of yhe girl friends...and 3 tiny humans, 4 if you count the tiny human I baby sit. We are A tight... Continue Reading →

Walker Races.

Yes, walker races... Exactly what it sounds like... You may recall that I work at a memory care facility, Starlight Village. I want to give some insight, because I know not everyone knows the pain of having a loved one in a place like mine, and I honestly pray you never do, I hope for... Continue Reading →

Swedish Pancakes.

I was going to save this for "Swedish Pancake Saturday" as per family tradition, but it is 1: 30 am, on a Thursday morning and I was reallllly craving these. SO I figured I'd Give a light tutorial! Swedish Pancakes... NOT  to be confused with a crepe or those super fluffy "real" pancakes.Nah, while made... Continue Reading →

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