Sinful Sunday~ You Got Mail: Dear Sir ~*18+*~

From: Amiliya Stars <> To: Zven Winters <> Date: Sunday, January 21, 2018 Re: HomeWork Dear Sir, January 21st, 2018 I am writing you to you today, because I miss you. You have been gone for what seems forever even though it has only been a couple days. And also I have done my "Homework",... Continue Reading →

The Sorcer (2) ~*18+*~

I hucked a throw pillow at the door, screaming in frustration. Did he have to deny me? I’ve heard of edging but isn’t this a bit extreme. What. An. ASSHOLE. I screamed again and then decided, like every other time I am denied release, I should just go take a bath. I picked my clothes... Continue Reading →


Anya and Lance had been friends for a couple years now. Finally Lance asked her to take the next step in life. He wanted to date her. Anya had seen how Lance is with his girlfriends. The perfect gentleman, opening doors, pulling her seat out, covering puddles with his jacket, catching them before they fell,... Continue Reading →


It started like any other night- Dinner, an in-depth exchange of how our day went. Our phone swap. A nightly phone call to check in on my sister, as we cleaned up dinner. "Girl, I want you ready in 10 minutes!" "Yes, master" I bounced off to quickly put on my uniform. A black corset... Continue Reading →

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