Friday Fictioneers: Denied

Photo prompt courtesy of Sandra Crook 100 words or less, make them all count, if you want to join or read more Click the little froggy~ Thank you Rochelle for always hosting this lovely activity ♡♡ Genre: Realistic Fiction Word Count: 97 She looked at the cuff bruise on her wrist. She relived the last night... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: Sidney’s Revenge

Photo Prompt Courtesy of Dale Rogerson Make every word count, Go to Rochelle's site to get the prompt. To read more or read more click the adorable froggy! Word Count: 100 Captain Killian Klunk and his crew had been at sea for months. "Arrr, 23rd times a charm, aye, Polly?". His parrot, Sidney, sighed and... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: The Dollhouse

Photo Prompt: J Hardy Carroll Friday fictioneers Hosted by Rochelle. To read more and/or make every word count, click the little Froggy! Word Count: 100 The intricately carved doll house,  it resembled a castle, it contained the fanciest and most cushy furniture. The windows opened and were tapestered with the finest fabric. Millie, only six years... Continue Reading →

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