A queen’s apology..

I know that an apology no matter how earnest will help, Yet here I kneel before you, begging at your feet. Beseeching you find it in your heart to forgive me. For a grave sin I' ve commited. You may not know it yet... I've broken my word. An honest woman's integrity tarnished. And I... Continue Reading →

Shadow’s Truth

In the light, Exposed lies everything, Shattered faith, Torn dreams, Nightmares play to her fright. Screaming, she can't look away, For the shadows plight. Her saving grace, A private place, Where stars sigh falsities Waterfalls bluff, Comfort in a dream's falsetto. The bravado of darkness, For she cannot see, The truths in the shadows of... Continue Reading →

Russian Roulette.

I lay in bed pretending to sleep. For days. I don't eat, I drink only wine. My head hurts. I feel sick, weak. I've become useless. I spin the barrel, round one. I am still alive. I keep up appearances.fff I go to work as scheduled. I keep talking. I smile but it doesn't reach... Continue Reading →

Friday Fictioneers: Lost in Winter

* Holy eff it's already friday, I didn't realize it until just now. at 8:30 pm.. Hope you enjoy.* **If you would like to participate, or read others, Click the cute little froggy** Word Count: 100 Miles and miles, we drove. We had packed our car, we were gone. Days and days, we talked. We discussed... Continue Reading →


Anya and Lance had been friends for a couple years now. Finally Lance asked her to take the next step in life. He wanted to date her. Anya had seen how Lance is with his girlfriends. The perfect gentleman, opening doors, pulling her seat out, covering puddles with his jacket, catching them before they fell,... Continue Reading →

A Plea to the Light….

Do you ever think about someone, Someone other than yourself? Do you ever consider them, How they may be feeling? What if I told you something, Something I have never told anyone? What if I told you that it is so completely fucked up, So dark, so shitty, that I couldn't tell anyone? Would you... Continue Reading →

Afternoon Kisses~

It Starts In the kitchen, Music plays, I'm playing with flowers. He changes the music, Comes up behind me, Wraps his arms around me, Pulls me close, We start to sway, it leads to a dance, He kisses my neck, A  soft moan escapes as I bite my lip, he Twirls me, Facing him now,... Continue Reading →


Blue White Yellow Love takes my hand As the sunsets on a perfect day. Red Orange Purple Hands intertwined, Pink Black White Perched on a rock, Sitting in silence. Soft winds, Wave breaks, Rustling grass, We count the stars.   Moonlight Flames Flicker In this light, My love is even more perfect.   Pillows Blankets... Continue Reading →

Nightmares// Unrelenting.

Falling into a peaceful slumber, She begins to dream, Following a long path lined with cherry trees, In full bloom, A gentle breeze makes them quiver, Some petals swirl around her, Taking form in front of her. Watching, Eyes wide, heart pounding, The petals take shape of her love. The sun begins to set, Hand... Continue Reading →

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