Because I am sooo good at keeping them. Some are the same ones I've had since August~ HEHE well here goes: Lose 60 Lbs. In all honesty, I don't know that losing that much will happen, but hey I lost 30 in 4 months so I mean if I work hard enough it could happen. IT... Continue Reading →


Chain of Love – Walmart Edition.

Not many know this about Walmart, in fact, Many just think it's this big ol' meanie corrupt corporation who don't give a rip about their employees, or customers... They are very involved in the community, they support many causes throughout the year, Right now is Children's Miracle Network Hospital. They take place in events throughout... Continue Reading →

Dear Reader…(2)

Dearest Readers.  I was just reading through emails, some I really wish were comments, but it's ok that they aren't, I wanted to comment on some common things I have seen or been asked, and give a very very very belated progress report XD. Without further adieu... First of all, THANK YOU, for reading my... Continue Reading →

Progress Report (1)…

Hey everyone! I thinks so far... I have been failing my "Resolutions"... But here is my first progress report. The next one will be posted the last week of August.                                  

New Years Resolutions

Well. I didn't make any resolutions this year at its start. I was in a chronic state of depression and was honestly going to end my life.  I had it all planned out. I was going to send my sister a message, and then quietly leave, but I couldn't with out at least apologizing to... Continue Reading →

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