Frozen Lemonade (3).

I awoke sometime later. To the smell of too many sterilizing chemicals, the buzzing of fluorescent lights, the gentle beeping of various machines, distant chatter, and running feet. A setting  I was all too familiar with. I was in a hospital, Presumably in Seattle, Washington. I was in a lot of pain,  from head to toe.... Continue Reading →

Frozen Lemonade (2) ~*18*~

Kelli, and I continued our Gypsy life. We started in the southern states from California, the plan was to hit all 48 of them by next summer, and with the permits, our parents had gotten us it was perfect. The Truck was actually a huge hit.  Especially in summer months, we made over 1,000 most... Continue Reading →

Frozen Lemonade-Part 1.~18+~

Kelli and I met in Kindergarten, she was a patient in the ward that my mom worked in, Children's cancer. When they were little, my aunt Linny had cancer, and had died when she was 10, my mother was only 5, and my grandpa later committed suicide, he felt he was failing as a father,... Continue Reading →

Dear Daddy.

  The year was 2013, It was summer, I was a 21 year old young lady, studying abroad in Italy... It was beautiful. I got to see all of the stereotypical tourist attractions, The leaning tower of Pisa, the coliseum... I also traveled to every single city over that amazing summer. To many different vineyards sampling some of... Continue Reading →

Afternoon Kisses~

It Starts In the kitchen, Music plays, I'm playing with flowers. He changes the music, Comes up behind me, Wraps his arms around me, Pulls me close, We start to sway, it leads to a dance, He kisses my neck, A  soft moan escapes as I bite my lip, he Twirls me, Facing him now,... Continue Reading →


Blue White Yellow Love takes my hand As the sunsets on a perfect day. Red Orange Purple Hands intertwined, Pink Black White Perched on a rock, Sitting in silence. Soft winds, Wave breaks, Rustling grass, We count the stars.   Moonlight Flames Flicker In this light, My love is even more perfect.   Pillows Blankets... Continue Reading →

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