Human Interaction!

Hey guys! Thank you all for reading, liking, commenting, following my blog. hopefully I can remain active now that things have settled down a fair amount. I need your help. Many of you know I take a song, and turn it into a story. Song2story Saturdays are really fun, but I can never pick a song... So... Continue Reading →

Song2StorySaturday: The Music Box (River Flows in you~Yiruma)

I love Yiruma's work, very very beautiful music. This song doesn't have any lyrics (except what is fan written). All the same I was able to make a story out of it. I hope you enjoy. Amy walked through the old house, making lists of lists. Things she was going to sell, things she was... Continue Reading →

Song2Story Saturday: Underneath~

Two years have passed, and I still have not invited him in... He know's my age, my name, my address, my car. He could tell you my eye color, how I have green eyes, with slightly darker flecks, how many freckles are on my face and could even tell you my favorite things in the bedroom...  My... Continue Reading →

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