Friday Fictioneers: Mermaids

Friday FIctioneers is a bite sized photo prompt story. rules are simple, in 100 words or less write a glorious piece of fiction, give and recip, and enjoy. Hosted by the lovely Rochelle Wisoff. To participate or read more, normally you can click the cute little froggy but I have no idea where he went... Continue Reading →

Breakfast in Denver

An update for those who care. Our travels took us to Ghetto ass Des Moines On our way out of Iowa, Foxxy begged me to take this photo.. Now a Few hours Later we made it Omaha Nebraska... A good 9ish hours later We finally made It to DENVER Colorado, where we are currently suffering... Continue Reading →

On The Road Again

I am leaving the home I made for myself in Minneapolis, for a short while. If any of y'all read about yesterday's debacles rest assured everything is ok today, So far. Now you may notice my travel buddy has changed, I lost Qian Po(panda) and Minja when my purse was stolen upon arrival to Minneapolis, For... Continue Reading →

It’s an FML day…

TODAY, I was supposed to be on a bus back to idaho, for an extended visit. But absolutely everything that could go wrong. Has. First, I woke up late (ok so this was my bad) but I still had a good four hours before I had to be at the bus station. Then, my suitcase... Continue Reading →

Staring contest with a Stranger

As you all know, I am traveling, Currently In Fort Collins, Colorado... Just got out of Wyoming, I am not a fan of this particular state... but there are some lovely views in some areas. Like this one... The boys are discovering new things.. And one of my fellow bus dwellers, is dressed nicely... But... Continue Reading →

Traveling (Thankful Thursday)

Today I am thankful the chance to travel, the staving of my poor gypsy soul for a while. I am moving across the country, via greyhound. This is probably, a lovely time to catch up on some of my mini series, and other random projects stuck in my draft box. My travel buddies ♡ Ducky,... Continue Reading →


I was in a car all day today... Traveling from the coast to the dessert..... It is a very long but very pretty drive.    Never Stop here unless you have 4 friends ( at least) or a death wish. THE.HILLS.HAVE.EYES. Because the cloud looks like a freakin' dolphin! ( I found Snowflake!!!) But it's... Continue Reading →

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